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The Problem Facing Canada


Is this the future of Canada? It could be, if current climate change and energy policies continue.

Climate alarmism threatens to harm Canada for generations to come. Belief in an imminent climate catastrophe supposedly caused by ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHG) has become a preoccupation of activists, a majority of journalists and politicians at all levels of government. Even as the COVID-19 health crisis raged, the federal government raised its so-called carbon tax by 50% on April 1, despite an outcry from the Opposition and many citizens. Securing COVID-19 recovery funding from the federal government requires that applicants submit an acceptable climate change plan.


‘Stopping climate change’ has become a central organizing principle of public policy formulation, as manufacturing jobs have disappeared overseas, vitally needed oil pipelines have been cancelled or delayed, and electricity rates have skyrocketed. This has caused severe damage to Canadian energy consumers and producers while impairing national unity. Poverty awaits for many more Canadians if current climate change and energy policies continue.

The scientific thesis that human GHG emissions are causing extreme weather events and catastrophic climate change is deeply flawed. Yet the Federal government has officially declared that we face a “climate emergency.” Every major political party is proposing policies that adhere to the hypothesis that Earth’s climate is undergoing dangerous change due to human activity and that we must radically alter the way we generate energy to reduce so-called ‘carbon emissions.’ This is partly because most Canadians are unaware of scientific opinions that challenge the politically-correct climate narrative. And that in turn is mainly due to the fact that most mainstream media support, and indeed amplify, the climate scare.

All major political parties support the climate alarm.

The climate scare threatens to ruin the Canada millions have died fighting for. 

The real crisis is a crisis of public policy formulation. This threatens to ruin the Canada previous generations fought to preserve. There is an urgent need for well-considered recommendations about how to formulate cost-effective policies that foster economic prosperity for the nation and responsible stewardship of the environment. This can only occur in a milieu in which differing views about climate science and policy are heard in a civil and mutually respectful dialogue. Clearly this is not happening.

Our aim is to promote climate and energy policies that could save our nation from financial collapse.

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