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John Zacharias

Canadian Climate Realism Interest Group (CCRIG) founder
Toronto, Ontario
JZ in Grenada 2020.jpg

John graduated with a BSc (Civil Eng) in 1962 from St. Andrews University, Scotland. From 2008 he retired to spend winters on a Caribbean island promontory, where the year-round daily maximum temperature ranges from 28°C to 30°C. For the last 12 years the increased levels of precipitation and atmospheric carbon dioxide have enabled him to grow mangoes, pineapples and tomatoes on land that hitherto was deemed arid and unproductive. According to the IPCC climate models the average temperatures at 12° North should be 1°C higher and harmful to vegetation. But, the abundant produce from the family garden and the island fruit farms validate the predictions of his friend Patrick Moore that increased CO2 and slight warming of the Earth benefit humans.

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