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Friends of Science Society

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The Friends of Science Society is a non-profit founded in 2002 by professional scientists and engineers that saw climate science as a complex, interdisciplinary issue being reduced to a political mantra around carbon dioxide (CO2) to support the Kyoto Accord and carbon taxes.  To this day, they do not represent any industry or any one political party.

They continue to focus on the simple mandate of education by presenting Evidence over Ideology.  They carry on battling the fear-mongering half-truths used to create faulty public policy and that only benefit groups with vested interests.  They advocate that society should:


  • Focus on real environmental and climate change problems

  • Emphasise the pursuit of adaptation rather than climate manipulation or climate control

  • Demand that environmental solutions must be measurable and have full cost-benefit assessments

  • Stop wasting billions on subsidies to the ineffective renewables industry who portray themselves as “Saviours of the Planet”

  • Call for investigations into deep-pocketed and often foreign-funded activist groups that use “green” and “climate change” to wage a trade war against Canada

  • Celebrate CO2 as a life giver.

The Friends of Science Society is a small group of volunteers with nominal contracted services.


They maintain free delivery of climate science and policy insights to the public and to policy-makers on a shoestring budget. Their budget is a fraction of Government or NGO budgets that disseminate alarmist fear-mongering information about human induced climate change. The Friends of Science Society is amongst the first to present the likelihood that man does not have a control knob on climate since the sun, not CO2, is the main driver of climate.

Membership in their society supports their ongoing efforts. In turn you receive bimonthly newsletters on the latest climate science, policy, news and events mailed directly to your inbox.

Friends of Science Society has an extensive web and social media presence:

Main site with vast climate change library
Bilingual website
Hugely active Twitter feed
Very active Facebook page
Huge library of mostly short videos

Blog with reports and articles

LinkedIn page

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