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Help us promote sensible climate and energy policy for Canada

Tropical Beach

We rely on your support to help us participate in crucial discussions with governments, policy makers and the public about climate change and related energy policy.


If you would like to make a donation to CSCP that qualifies as a charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes, and your donation is CDN$100.00 or more, please send a cheque to the registered charity Energy Probe Research Foundation (EPRF). In the memo section enter “CSCP Project” and send by mail to: 


CSCP Project 

Energy Probe Research Foundation (c/o L. Solomon)
225 Brunswick Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2M6

The principals of EPRF have agreed to receive incoming funding for CSCP and disburse funds that comply with their mandate for their initiative with CSCP. Please notify John Zacharias by email at to confirm that you have sent a donation.


If you do not require a charitable donation receipt or your donation is less than $100, please do one of the following:


  • Cheque donations may be made by filling out your cheque to "Canadians for Sensible Climate Policy" and sending it to the street address: 



John Zacharias
Canadians for Sensible Climate Policy

SUITE 3000, P. O. BOX 95





  • Wire donations may also be made directly into CSCP's bank account in Toronto, Canada. 

    • ​Please contact John Zacharias by email at 

    • or telephone 647-352-3648 in Canada for required wiring information.​

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